Helen Fettes Says... This is a message from my amazing Grandmother Helen Fettes. For those who knew her there would be no surprise, given her sense of humour, that she insisted it be titled “Helen Fettes Says..."  Thanks to Grandma for this simply stated and extremely important message from the other side:).

A pocket guide to a better way of being.

KISS...Keep It Simple Stupid or for those of you who prefer...Silly:).

In order to change the way we live for an easier ride in this experience we call life we need to learn these 3 key things.

  1. Our ego and our higher self are two different things with two different agendas. Think little devil and little angel sitting on your shoulders chirping in your ears.
  2. The voice of the ego is VERY convincing but ultimately does not reflect what is in your TRUE highest good.
  3. You have the choice which voice to listen to.

So, in regards to number 1, how can we differentiate between them?


If what you feel when you listen to the voices advice is connected in any way to fear you are being mislead by your ego.

Fear is the weapon of choice in keeping us all down as a species. It was created as an intended means of support for the need for survival in this three dimensional, mortal world and when serving its intended purpose it is a powerful tool. But when misused to create a sense of fear that isn’t literal or in the present, it acts as a weapon of mass destruction keeping us all down.

Be honest with yourself, regardless of what the voice of the “little devil” says and come to realize that fear doesn’t keep you safe it keeps you down.

Messages from Spirit...

(Those in quotes were received from Spirit prior to Grandma’s message. She is referring to and commenting on them.)

“Falsified fear lives only in the future.”

Ask yourself...Are you literally, in this moment, in danger of harm? If the answer is yes then the fear is truthful and is designed to help you. If not are they based in what MIGHT happen or what fear promises you will happen if you don’t choose to listen to it? Truthful vs. Falsified

“Nothing to fear but fear itself. It continues to be the part of the human experience with the greatest stronghold over you all. Come to understand and appreciate it for its service to you and it will lose the negative connotation it has attained through misunderstanding and will become a valued tool as opposed to a formidable foe.”

“Fear is a trickster in that it convinces us it is a tool for protection and safety and yes, in some contexts it is but when misplaced it is a deadly weapon of the soul keeping us down and holding us back from being all that is intended for us to be because of its promise, albeit a false one, to keep us safe. Replace the fear.”

Your ego won’t want you to believe it but there is another way. Faith and trust and intuition are far more truthfully the tools you need when/if you feel the need for protection and your circumstances aren’t reflecting the need for immediate survival strategies. Is there a bear banging on your back door? No? Then take a moment and step out of the fear for survival and determine if your fears are true ones or false.

Eg. Someone at work is sabotaging you behind your back. Threat is real because you need that job to pay your bills but your boss has not just sat you down in his office to cut you loose.

Ego/false fear says.... freak out! Retaliate! Panic! Get sick over it all! Stress! It breeds more negativity which will ultimately create more resistance in resolving the situation/threat.

Higher self says... this sucks and needs to be dealt with but it will be ok if you acknowledge what lessons are present to be learned, stay out of the trap of negativity and choose to be grounded and supported.

The one thing ego has going for it is it’s immediacy. We live in a day and age where we want what we want and we want it now! Ego plays right into that with its quick fix promises but ultimately doesn’t have lasting effects because it doesn’t really take care of the issue it just puts a band aid on it and calls it a day.

Taking the the time to uncover/discover why the issue TRULY exists in the first place and allowing for the opportunity to go through the PROCESS of addressing and healing it takes time and effort but will ultimately change your situation for the better for the long term.

Eg. If you struggle with your weight you can do a fad diet and lose it but be prepared to do it all over again!

Your body’s/egos need to lose weight is an indication that there is an issue within you that needs addressing. Take the time to address it and you will see long term affects that reflect your highest good/best interests and that won’t cause you to spend 3 weeks, miserable, eating nothing but grapefruit.

Instant gratification verses long term results.

Why does any of this matter?

Because living in fear sucks.

It is exhausting and uncomfortable and it hurts.

Do yourselves a favour and choose to live without the egos interpretation of fear and let it exist for the reason it was intended to and you will all be better for it.

We all want to feel better, have an easier go in this life and you can. It starts with discerning between those two little voices and their TRUE intentions and then deciding which voice you’re gonna choose to listen to in living your life!