I Choose... is a collection of messages from Spirit that help us to manifest what is in our best interest by means of choosing it. I hope they will be helpful to you in some way:).

I have the power to heal myself if I just choose it to be so and accept the assistance of Spirit.

I choose to be present and balanced.

I choose to surrender to contentment.

I choose to release with ease and without fear.

I choose to have the fear removed as much as possible from my experiences understanding and accepting that some fear in some contexts is a valuable tool and resource to be valued and accepted and considered.

I choose to move forward free of the burdens of past experiences, habits/conditioning.

I choose to believe and trust in God and his love for and care for/of me in this lifetime.

I choose to ground my energy deep within Mother Earth and to surround myself in the light and love of God knowing all will be well.

I choose to invite myself to release the burdens of expectation I have placed upon myself and to replace that space they have held for some time to instead be filled with self love and acceptance, peacefully and with ease.

I choose to invite the universe to bring forward the circumstances that create the experiences which are in my very best interest and for my highest good.

I choose in this moment to hear the loving voice of my higher self above the chattering of the ego in knowing that if I am to allow my true voice to be heard it will be healed and I will move forward with greater ease, love and joy in my journey.

I choose to invite positivity into my being and ask to be surrounded in God's love and light during this challenging time.

I choose to invite peace, tranquility, comfort, contentment and joy into every moment of my being.