Story time with Spirit: When Spirit has something to say I never really quite know what to expect! This is a collection of messages that were presented in more of a story style format and although they may, in some cases, sound as though they are written from my perspective, they are again, simply written, word for word as I received them. I hope you enjoy these stories from Spirit:).


On a walk the other day I noticed something, the sky was bluer than I had ever seen before and I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Is this where my home lies? My real home. The home I have been pulled away from, begrudgingly to do God's work. No, a voice answered. Home is within, inside you. It could never be as far away as you perceive the sky to be. We are not without you and you, not us. It is just different for awhile. Harder yes, but with hard work comes lessons learned and love manifested. You are always home although you sometimes feel like you are so far away. Remember we live inside you, there, lives inside you always and in your moments of darkness and despair remember to just simply look inside your heart to find us there so you can lean on us and be rejuvenated by our love, support, guidance and our admiration for the work you are doing. The walk of the light worker is not necessarily the easiest as you all know more vividly than some what it is you are missing while you are "away". So please remember that "away" is not far, it is simply different and it won't always be that way. We walk with you, inside your hearts and are never so far away that you can't touch the sky. In Love and Light Amen.

Sharing Man

On the street the other day there was a man. A man who confused you when he said nothing but looked at you as if he were looking right or straight through you. There is no need for your concerns he said. They are wasteful of your precious time and energy. We were or are not meant to live held back by our burdens but we choose it to be so. Why do we do such an or this, inane thing? I really would like to know. Maybe you will hear it from the angels and then you can share it with me. If you share what you know we can all be healed, you yourself, but me too. All of us or at least as many of us as will listen. This is your calling. To share your given wisdom. However you choose to do it is your choice and will succeed or be successful as long as you continue to share.

The Woman in the Shoe

There once was an old woman who lived in a shoe. Lived in a shoe and didn't know what to do. She heard voices one day who said come out to play and did she? Not on the first day, nor the second because she had too much work to do. But on the third when the question was asked she stopped herself and queried. I want nothing more than the joy of play but something, yes something is standing in my way, on this day and on every day I have come to know since birth. What is it she asked inquisitively and she then heard the answer. It is you, your self and I. Not me said the voice of God. I have given you, all of you, the permission to love, laugh and partake in frivolity and joy but you choose rather to condemn ones selves into a place of darkness where my intentions appear only as a small flicker of light. Walk towards it. Embrace it, it will not burn you but instead fill you with the warmth and joy and enlightenment your soul intuitively craves/seeks. The light will be what guides you. Hold it in your hand, caress it and then place it into your heart to let it shine the brightest it possibly can. Once you have done this feat you will change your answer to the question. The door will open and when you are asked to play you will drop the weight of the tools you carry, the expectations, the burdens, the "to do" lists and they will fall to the ground landing with a gentle thud as you leap out through the door into the sunlight and warmth to spend the rest of your days at play. A wise person once said the best way to learn was through play and it is through the love, light and joy that play evokes that you will, all will, learn of the true intentions of your God. Thank you for listening. In love and light my friend, I bid you, Amen

The Man Who Looked Up

A long time ago there was a man. He was old and wise and very well loved but he was worn because he spent many a day and night looking to the sky for answers. He posed the questions and waited endlessly for the answers but sadly to no avail. He "missed the boat" so you say because he continually looked elsewhere to gather his information to ease his ills, to lick his wounds, to answer his most thoughtful questions. He would have been best to look within to hear his inner voice, to heed the warnings of his physical body and it's warnings and messages for him. But he did not trust. Did not believe that someone, mere, like him could/would hold any answers or greater knowledge. This is what caused him sleepless nights and eventually led to his downfall. Looking to us is not a matter of looking up or outward because we are within you, within your soul. You carry us there with you all the time and to access us and our wisdom and guidance you simply must ask. You ask for clarity and I tell you child, clarity comes from/with trust. Allowing yourself to believe that it really is that simple. That you simply can hear us clearly and without the need for pomp and circumstance and doubt. You are learning grasshopper and know that what you are asking for we are hearing and are working towards. Well-placed thoughts and intentions will bear fruit. In love and light my friend, Amen

The Perfect Size of Fear

One day my mom told me something important. It was about this thing called fear and how it was perfect when it was as big as my baby finger. Everybody was perfect at exactly what size they were at exactly that very moment but fear, sadly, didn't think so. Fear wanted to be as big as me, and who could blame it cause I was pretty awesome and just the right size. But I was the right size for me, not for it because it was perfect when it was as big as my baby finger. Big enough to remind me to not touch a hot stove or to look both ways before I crossed the street or not to pet a puppy that I didn't know but not big enough to make me feel swallowed up by it or like it was trying to be me because it was trying to be my perfect size. If it were as big as me, it wouldn't fit right. It would be too big for me and after all, I was already the perfect size for me. It would make me feel uncomfortable because that's how it is when something tries to be something that's not the best thing for it to be and besides I was already doing a great job being the perfect size for me. And so, as flattered as I was that fear wanted to be as big as me, I decided to tell it that it didn't need to because it was perfect when it was as big as my baby finger. Mom also told me that fear would try really hard to convince me it would be best if it were as big as me because, as I said, I was pretty awesome. So, it would need to be reminded that everybody was perfect at exactly what size they were at exactly that moment and how it was perfect when it was as big as my baby finger. I liked it that way. I knew it was there if I needed it to keep me safe and I could be the perfect size for me knowing that fear was perfect when it was as big as my baby finger.