Conversations With Spirit

My 1on1 with Frank Ieraci was a fun ride! He’s an interesting guy with such interesting life experiences and it was fascinating to explore the idea of him being “cursed”! ~JK:)

My 1on1 with Julia was such a pleasure. Her genuine nature and calming personality made the experience so relaxed and easy. She’s a lovely lady with a lovely voice and it was so great to share Spirit’s messages of support and guidance for the pursuit of both her personal and professional dreams. ~JK:)

My very first 1on1 on camera was with the incredible Stacey Kay and it was an awesome experience. Her vibrant energy is so infectious and it was amazing to get to hang out with her. After this 1on1 I’m an even bigger fan and if you check out the video you’ll find out that I’m not the only one! ~JK:)


INCLUDES: 2:33 - What are the types of messages that come forward? 7:47 - Does Spirit find a time to move on and leave us when they feel we are ok on our own? 16:30 - How would we know if Spirit is present? 29:21 - How do we know when they are guiding us?

INCLUDES: 0:20 - What is a 1on1? 1:18 - Can you tell us more about your spiritual awakening? 2:30 - Why is it difficult to be in crowds and can you turn "it" on and off? 15:58 - How did you first figure out that you could communicate with living spirit? 23:12 - Can you read minds? 25:33 - Can you choose the Spirit you communicate with? 31:51 - What has been your favourite part of the journey so far?

INCLUDES: 0:46 - Who Is Janet Kubik? 2:22 - What is your gift / ability? 10:41 - How did all of this happen to you? 17:38 - How did you go from discovering your gift to helping others with it? 27:06 - Why do you say spirit (singular) instead of spirits (plural)? 33:35 - Have you always been intuitive, even as a child? 34:30 - Did you have any visits from Spirit as a child?