Words of Wisdom:  These are various messages I have received from Spirit. They are shared exactly as they were received. What their wisdom means to you or how they impact you in your own personal journey, is up to you to choose. - Janet :)

dealing with emotions Dec 16, 2018

Sometimes it is impossible to "make sense" of a given situation because we truly only ever have complete access to our own interpretation.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to react from a place of servicing One's own highest good as the means of resolve as we can only ever truly know what that is.

Faith that when we do so we are in turn servicing others, is far more successful in moving forward than continually struggling to understand what we truthfully cannot and that is, the interpretation of another.

Work towards what is best for you with faith that in doing so, you are servicing others in the most beneficial of ways.

dealing with emotions Nov 10, 2018

Often those who pose us the most difficult challenge are in reality those who are doing us the greatest service bringing attention to what exists deep within our own souls that needs addressing and healing.

Turn your perspective around, if your ego will let you, and discover what it is about your self that is in need of your attention.

Do not blame or judge the other for their participation in this discovery in fact thank them and then release any resentment or bitterness you may have developed for them into love and light.

Ask the universe to be healed in love and light. You will begin to see changes in doing so.

dealing with emotions Oct 12, 2018

In regards to the human emotions and their impact on your journey, they are meant to be used as tools for discovery and are pretty much unavoidable.

The best guidance we can offer you is how to manage them with greater ease. This can be done by recognizing them and allowing them to be heard.

Often you will find greater understanding of what learning/growth is presenting you in doing so and then releasing them, even if only for the time being and they are to resurface repeatedly.

Their continued presence is an indication of further growing opportunity.

You will feel greater relief from them, if again, you allow them the floor, so to speak, and hear them out as opposed to rationalizing why they exist or more to the point, why they shouldn’t.

Silencing them or condemning them will only lead to a greater intensity in how you feel them and can prevent you from learning/becoming aware of what they are trying to show you.

one size fits all fallacy Aug 29, 2018

In order to make money one feels they must come up with a one size fits all remedy for all of the ills of the world.

While it is true that every human will encounter similar experiences in their journeys it is also true that each individual journey is unique and therefore there truly is no one size fits all answer for anything.

Continuing to look outwardly/to others to resolve ones ills keeps us from being able to truly discover what it is we, each, individually need to support our journey.

No need to buy into, literally, anyone else's ideas or interpretation.

Look inward. Listen to your body, to your feelings, to determine what is actually best for you and then act accordingly. Is it as easy as buying a one size fits all solution, neatly packaged and full of promises?

Yes because if you do it you will actually achieve your desired results instead of encountering frustration, dissatisfaction and the need to keep pursuing another OSFA option to solve your problems and again to no avail.

fearless July 27, 2018

Blame and resentment for others allows only for added resistance in achieving your desired results.

Take ownership but do it with your own best interests at heart/in mind without punishing others for their part in your journey.

If you are feeling resistance in achieving what you desire look to yourself to obtain the desired results.

Looking to blame others truly means avoiding what within yourself truly needs addressing.

Others act as catalysts to propel us forward in our learning but are never truly the reason we fail to achieve our desired results.

Tools for learning but not the solution to obtaining results/affecting change as that can only come from within.

Blaming is a sure fire indicator of a need to look within to discover what lesson is truthfully needing to be addressed and is ultimately your responsibility to achieve/attain.

blame and resentment June 8, 2018

There indeed is necessity for Science and order and rules to maintain a comfortable and organized means of being/living. The intention is not to discredit the aspects of the human experience that make up its unique make up/design.

All elements of the experience are valued and important and integral. There is simply an imbalance in the levels of energetic make up or existence that are sending the world, and the human experience, along a difficult, trying path.

The existence of ego, and its propensity to flourish in the energetic atmosphere of the third dimension, is valuable but overrun and is causing great turbulence in the existence and experience of the human race. It is running away with the prize, so to speak, and overriding the positive, higher vibrational energy of the experience along with it.

We are simply attempting to restore a better balance in the energetic atmosphere to create a less turbulent ride/existence for those who are walking, not to dishonour or to devalue the unique and highly valuable, human experience.

In past, the ego has presented it as though one must choose to believe in one or the other, the human experience or the spiritual existence. God vs evolution. We would like to offer that both are equally valuable in your/this experience and one need not eliminate the other but can coexist to create a more positive, fulfilling, beneficial human experience.

fearless May 24, 2018

It is not important what others think, only what you to choose to believe for yourself.

Your thoughts determine your path and as said, with there not being the true existence of right and wrong, what one chooses to believe is merely a reflection of their own journey.

A need to be deemed right for one's thoughts/opinions is merely an indication of an insecurity that exists within the beholder of those beliefs that would be redeemed by the support of others sharing what they have chosen to believe as truth.

True confidence and faith is allowing your own beliefs to exist without the permission/acceptance/reinforcement of others.

Apr 24, 2018

fearless What continues to hold your species back is the concept of control.

In a controlled situation there is the presence of right or wrong with little to no flexibility. This is the downfall in terms of accepting all experiences as valuable or more specially, truthful, because there is no real definitive right or wrong, simply perspective.

A person can prove ANY point finite by choosing a perspective and then amalgamating that perspective into a belief whereby they determine their moral compass as to what is truthful or false. The flaw being that perspective is individual/unique and even if there are multiple people who have chosen it, it does not in fact, define what is truth.

Truth is not defined by labels such as good or bad or right or wrong, it is an intrinsic knowing that each individual holds and although may appear similar to others is very much, in its most specific details, unique.

We can never truly, fully and completely know or understand the truth of anyone other than our own self and therefore forcing others to abide by a generalized structure of right or wrong is flawed.

Each person holds a moral compass that has been amalgamated into their being as a means of servicing their journey. There is most certainly a distinction between lighter and darker energies and a balance between them is integral to the existence of the human race but there is less of an equivalency between light and dark and right or wrong.

One is a truth and the other a value judgement. Honouring the value of both the light and dark energies of your existence precludes value judgements such as right or wrong. Dark and light are felt, right and wrong are decided. What feels right to another may be diametrically opposed to another. How can we suppose that our interpretation or feeling can be exactly the same as another?

It is with a sense of fear of belonging or understanding and comfort that we choose to seek large, swooping opinions as truth so that, with a feeling of strength in numbers, we can prove our truth to be right but as we have said, right and wrong truly exists only in the mind of the beholder.

Mar 20, 2018

fearless As long as one remains tethered to the belief that another is in any way responsible for their destiny they will remain thwarted by possibility and stuck in a rut.

The ego places this responsibility on someone other than them self as a means of preventing the necessary healing within that would see it ultimately dethroned.

It is a choice between allowing the voice of the ego to speak louder than that of the higher self which is ultimately encouraging a new way of thinking/believing in order to attain what is in one's own best interest.

If you want to change your circumstances you have to change your expectations and look to yourself to change as opposed to whomever ego has chosen as the villain that is holding you back.

That choice remains yours and yours alone.

Feb 16, 2018

fearless Allowing ourselves to be convinced that fear mongering is a generous way of helping to protect is simply a worn out belief that in truth does more harm than good by only accentuating the energy of fear causing more panic as opposed to any type of resolve.

Being aware of your surroundings and the need for the management of your own personal well being will indeed serve you well.

By doing it by means of freaking yourself out is more detrimental than helpful and is in fact causing you overall greater harm than good.

Everyone will encounter trials and tribulations in their experience as it remains a part of this human experience but when allowing oneself to absorb the tragedies/trials of others through fear for the self we/you are only perpetuating the problem as opposed to resolving it.

Acknowledging and honouring the tribulations of others allows for a sense of community and support which is essential to your well being in this existence but allowing other people’s stories/experiences to impact you on an energetic level causing fear only perpetuates the negative energy giving it the opportunity to grow and fester.

Honour those who have suffered by hearing them, acknowledging them and loving them not by fearing their fate as your own.

Jan 19, 2018

acceptance Allowing others their opinion without condemnation can be more powerful and yield more positive results than if you were to effectively fight hard enough to change it.

There is a tremendous amount of positive energy that comes from being accepted, whether it be perceived as right or wrong.

Acceptance and acknowledgement take the agenda of the ego off track as ultimately our opinions are merely tools used to be heard.

Hearing someone allows their ego to step down and, once it is disarmed, what has caused the opinion to form in the first place, can be acknowledged and ultimately healed.

Dec 20, 2017

destiny Although what you feel you are seeking is unattainable remember that you are the master of your own destiny.

You are uncertain because you have often let yourself be dictated by others or circumstance and are not familiar with the concept of designing your own destiny. Things seem impossible because you have known them to be in past or you merely have not yet had the opportunity to experience them but keeping in mind that the only limitations on your human experience are those you place on it, dream big.

You do not need to have it all sorted out and if your feelings or desires are to change, who dictates that the universe cannot roll with the punches.

If it is what you desire in the moment give it credit but ultimately acting with your best interests as the goal, your actions and choices will be guided to reflect that.

It is not necessarily exactly what you are wishing for that will transpire but what is important is the vibration of the energy that is set forth when you are experiencing the thrill of believing you can achieve/attain anything you choose.

The universe can be flexible if that is what is called for and so you are not setting things in stone by repeatedly wishing for them. As moments unfold your desires will change and morph into various outcomes but again what is important is what lies beneath your minds imaginings.

The real desires are for feelings and how they present, are determined by various means. So hold true to what the feeling is you are desiring to achieve and simply play with how to get you there while allowing us to ultimately help to guide you to the most well suited circumstances to achieve your requests.

Nov 22, 2017

making room Clear space to allow your desires to manifest.

Sometimes this requires sitting back and allowing space to open up as opposed to looking for ways to fill it which will only prevent you from having the opportunity to create the needed available space.

Sometimes this also means sitting still for a moment as opposed to acting on what you think will bring you fulfillment because it is possible that something even better is on the horizon just waiting for available time and energy to become available.

Oct 17, 2017

busy You are all so convinced that doing is better or more and you allow your time to be defined best spent when you are run ragged. Allowing yourself time to just be is far more beneficial in many and most circumstances but yet this concept escapes you. The deer does not have bills to pay, dishes to do, papers to write, floors to be swept but she lives a meaningful existence simply tending to her physical survival needs and just being. Plenty of time to allow her body and mind to coagulate what it is learning and amalgamating it into her way of being as to where and how she feels most comfortable and fulfilled and at peace, not bored but content. So much of your time is filled with business . The word itself says it all yet the concept escapes. It's all about being busy. Busy equals success. Busy equals reward when the exact opposite can be true and the greatest gifts or rewards come in times of complete quiet when business has been abandoned and one can actually catch their breath, stretch out their limbs, release the tension holding them bound and hear us. You are by no means wasting your time when you choose to be quiet. Your to-do list can wait as well as the needs/demands of others and you can simply just be without the need for justification or penance or remorse because it is then and there that you will begin to find peace and contentment in the moment when you have left the business behind that shrouds it and appreciate it in its stillness and with its infinite wisdom.

You question why you are all so physically tired and mentally exhausted and yet instead of sitting quietly for the answer you busy yourself more searching for reasons and blaming yourself and your physical being for not being able to keep up with the pace. A pace that is unnatural and frankly unsustainable but yet you continue to force it to be so. What will I get next, what will I learn now, where will I go to? Why don't you try sitting alone quietly in a room and see what answers will come instead of running around like chickens scrambling to create the answers that have already been created but which you are too busy being busy to hear.

Sept 12, 2017

i am gratefulThe greatest attractor of positive manifestation is the vibration of gratitude and thanks. Without it manifestations are possible but are much more manageable to achieve with the intense love and light that accompanies the vibration of thanks/gratitude. Sometimes a soul can be accustomed to having and not being in need/want for much of anything and therefore the positive aspects of the human experience are more considered expectations rather than gifts. Does anyone frequently give thanks and appreciation for what they expect? We often only acknowledge with gratitude what we feel are gifts and not what are our rights. However, this thinking goes a long way in preventing us from truly seeing what gifts we have and experience in the human walk including the privilege of the walk itself. When our expectations are not met there is a feeling of deprivation that also overshadows whatever gratitude may be available by acknowledging our blessings as gifts as opposed to our rights. Entitlement carried is fuel for the fire of ego which sees itself fit to use whatever perceived weaknesses we each carry as opportunity to remain in the forefront where it wishes to be. One can simply choose to rewrite their interpretations of their given circumstances. It is not as daunting as one might expect and due to the high intensity energy of love and gratitude great change can be affected swiftly and with ease should one choose to use it as a mechanism for change. It takes courage and faith to affect change and a heart AND mind that consciously choose gratitude over entitlement and expectation.