July 20, 2019

So, the last few years have been pretty intense and, as you may have noticed, I have taken the last few months to retreat a little in order to absorb and truthfully, to recuperate!

Today, however, I felt compelled to write and to share...

I'm Starting to Understand Why I Can Talk to the Dead

Through the process of "awakening" that I have experienced over the last four and a half years, I have found that, when I needed it, clarity was offered to me through various means.

Yes, I have discovered the ability to literally ask Spirit for guidance and receive it word for word as a Medium and Channeller. But, somehow, coming across an article or having something reiterated by someone living was/is sometimes more comforting because it feels more tangible or honestly, more real. Likely too, because the majority of what I've learned has come from inside of me or what I have actually come to know as Spirit, first. Because it has transpired this way, I feel like I've needed even more validation to trust that all of the profound wisdom I am getting is actually coming from somewhere outside of me. Although I'd actually be honoured to be so wise;).

So, this morning this article popped up, just as I needed it, as I was contemplating and trying to more fully understand what I had been recently feeling and the messages I had been recently channeling from Spirit.

The language/concepts in some parts may seem sort of advanced/hard to follow but the core message directly resonates with what I am feeling in my own experience.

It is comforting to have found what feels like a clear context/purpose for why my life has been turned upside down and why I can literally now communicate with the dead!

It has not been an easy path. Some, including myself at times, would label it crazy. But throughout it all there has been a hope inside of me that as challenging as the whole process was/is that it was/is happening for a really good reason. The message in this article I read today feels like the reason:).

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My thoughts...

The world needs to change.

We need to experience things from a new perspective to make that happen.

New can mean scary but allowing ourselves to remain comfortable, even in the dis-ease of what we have come to know, is even scarier.

This journey for me has required every ounce of bravery I could pull together as I have encountered things I could have never imagined and my whole concept of life itself has been unravelled and sometimes painstakingly, put back together.

We need to be brave, to trust and have faith that being human doesn't have to be so hard and that we can choose to exist in a new way that lies beyond what we've been taught to believe or have known before.

There is more love out there to be had if we can find the strength to break free of being controlled in order to allow ourselves to embrace it.

Our minds and our hearts are out of balance. Both are essential and valuable but are in need of a greater equality when it comes to how we choose to live our lives.

Just because it is being done a certain way doesn't mean that it's the best way and just because someone tells you something is true doesn't mean that it is.

Choose your truth rather than letting the structure of this unwell society dictate it. We all have the gift of free will so let's start using it without letting fear stand in our way.

Let's choose an easier ride and a lot more love because we can.❤

In Love and Light,